Custom Herbal Consultation

Did you know that almost half of our current prescription drugs are either directly from plant extracts or are synthesized from plant compounds?  Plants are extremely powerful and in the hands of a trained and licensed professional can help with many of the ailments we suffer from today.  From a Chinese Herbal Medicine perspective, its not just the individual herbs that provide the medicine but also how they work together to create new chemical properties to help heal your body. In order to create a formula specifically for you, we use Chinese Medicine diagnostics and tailor our formulas specifically to balance all of the nuances of your body’s health-not just targeting one or two symptoms. What formula is right for you? How much to take and for how long? These are all questions that can be answered in your consultation.

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Herbs and Medications

One of the most common questions we get during an herbal consultation is if it can be taken with a medication.  Again, this is why it is so important to have this consultation with a licensed professional.  There are some formulas that cannot be used with certain medications, but even many of these formulas can often be altered in order to meet your specific health needs while still preventing pharmaceutical interactions.  Our practitioners have studied both Western and Eastern pharmacology and are trained to know which herbs in our formulas might have negative interactions with your Western pharmaceuticals and which formulas will be safe.

Working with Local Shops & Herbal Pharmacies

We work with a couple of local herbal shops around the area following your herbal consultation.  Sometimes this will be a patent formula, or one that is premade and can be easily picked up.  Other times we will want to make a custom formula that is specific to what is going on for you.  Especially in that situation, we will work with a local Chinese Medicine Herbal pharmacy that can fill your formula for you.  The common pharmacies we use are Yao Clinic in the Wash Park area and the Yan Jing Supply Pharmacy at CSTCM, a local Chinese Medicine School at Colfax and York.

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Serving the Cherry Creek South & Glendale Area

Our clinic is conveniently located near the intersection of Colorado Blvd and Alameda.  We are on the second floor of the Jackson Street Medical offices and close to the Cherry Creek Mall.  There is a parking lot for the building just off of Alameda and street parking is also available.